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Payroll services

Even the nicest working environment needs to have things handled properly by the end of the month.

Payroll service, should you do it yourself or outsource?

Handling the payroll yourself can get quite complex, labour intensive or even expensive.

By outsourcing the payroll you no longer need to get expensive payroll software licences. You also no longer need to invest time and energy to keep up to date with the ever changing legislations, regulations and the collective labour agreement. We will do that for you.

Profinancials takes care of the entire process. We even take the collective labour agreements, absenteeism, pensions and 30% ruling into account.

Medewerkers Profinancials bezig met Salarisadministratie op boekhoudkantoor Profinancials in Eindhoven

Outsourcing the payroll is doing business smarter.

No more worries and having everything handled perfectly for your employees. We take care of the complex administrative process and actively advise you about the regulations, legislations and collective labour agreement for your industry for a fixed all-in fee per pay slip. Saving you time to do business again.

Smart advantages:

  • You will get a personal payroll advisor
  • Online access to your payroll portal
  • No extra costs for unsubscribing an employee
  • Low costs per pay slip

Monthly all-in fixed fee

Profinancials offers fixed monthly all-in fees. That way not only will you have the payrolls handled perfectly, you’ll also know exactly what to expect.

You also get:

  • Access to an online payroll portal
  • Monthly salary processing with pay slip
  • Monthly payroll reports for your financial administration
  • Payment batch for the bank
  • Monthly filing of your payroll tax return
  • Annual statements for your employees
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Want us to handle the payroll?

Feel free to contact us today. We are happy to explain the possibilities for your business!

Tax Return support needed?

Please visit our income tax return page (ENG) and request your dutch tax filing online!