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Working abroad

A team of Profinancials, specialized in international tax regulations and financial services for expats.

Tax advisors specialized in international tax regulations

Our team is highly specialized in international tax regulations. We help, give advice and support cross border workers and expats that are deployed both outside and inside of the Netherlands.

Examples of services we offer:

  • Filing of mmigration/emigration income tax return
  • Filing of worldwide income tax form Application for Certificate of residency
  • Tax advice on protective assessment
  • Tax advice on private property
  • Tax advice on migration
  • Tax advice on foreign income
  • Tax advice on savings and investments
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Tax advice for employers, employees and expats

Next to giving advice to expats as private individuals we also service and advice employers with a variety of tax en employer related matters like:

  • Apply for the Dutch 30% ruling
  • Apply for a working and/or residency permit
  • Apply for the social security COC / A1 declaration
  • Set up a (split) payroll

Tax advisors specialized in expat services

We at Profinancials are highly specialized in international tax regulations. We are very proud to be the trusted tax advisors for over 750 expats each year.

Are you searching for an attractive priced office specialized in expats and expat tax services? Than you searched and found Profinancials.

Our office is located in Eindhoven, but we service the entire Netherlands. And being specialized in expats we are servicing expats all over the world by now. We would love to help you as well!

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Are you in need of advice on international taxes, exemptions, tax returns or have questions relating international employment?

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