Services for business owners

Bookkeeping and taxation advisory

Profinancials offers administrative and tax related services to business owners, companies, private individuals and expats. The core of our service is about keeping personal contacts with our clients. Not just conducting business but actively advising you about your finances, tax benefits and other possibilities.

Bookkeeping and tax advisors for business owners

We are here to handle and advice you about your business administration and taxes. We offer highly personal service for a fixed low monthly fee. Making sure you can fully focus on your business activities being assured we will take perfect care of your business administration and tax declarations to keep you in compliance all the time.

We handle your entire administration, offer unlimited support and file your taxes for a fixed low fee starting at € 95,- a month excl. vat.

The only thing you will have to do is providing us with your invoices.

Our services focus on:


The administration and taxes of your business simplified to uploading your receipts and/or invoices.

Payroll services

Even the nicest working environment needs to have things handled properly by the end of the month.

Income tax

Getting the maximum benefits from you deductions. No more worries about you tax declarations.

Corporate tax

If you are running a corporation you want more than a bookkeeper. You want a specialist which saves you money by applying for the most beneficial taxposition.

Value added tax (VAT)

Think about the time you need to spend on every tax return. Wouldn’t you rather spend this time on earning income?

Other services

Are you looking for administrative or tax related services not mentioned? Or are you just looking for advice? Please feel free to contact us!

Tax Return support needed?

Please visit our income tax return page (ENG) and request your dutch tax filing online!