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Highly specialized in expat tax matters

Whether you are already living in the Netherlands or planning to do so, Profinancials is here to help you with all your tax related matters.

With a team highly specialized in tax related and financial services for expats and migrants. We offer expats, business owners and entrepreneurs both inside and outside of the Netherlands complete support with every form of tax related questions. From declarations up to payroll tax.

At this moment we are helping over 2000 expats each year with their income tax returns. We would love to help you as well.

Examples of services we can help you with:
Feel free to contact us. Our team is highly specialized in the international tax regulations and ready to help.
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Income tax return

We help over 2000 expats each year with their Dutch personal income tax return preparation and filing. We would love to help you as well!

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Dutch 30% ruling

We get a lot of questions about the Dutch 30% ruling. We can tell you exactly how the 30% ruling works and possibly applies to you.

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Migrants / expats

As an expat or migrant you probably qualify for tax exemptions and refunds you are not aware of. We will make sure that you are not missing out on any of the tax benefits.

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We support business owners and corporations in- and outside of the Netherlands with all Dutch tax and administrative matters.

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4 reasons to have us file your income tax return


Average tax return preparation and delivery time of 3 days!


A personal tax advisor assigned to your case with which you will have contact in any case of questions.


Fully digital by e-mail, no appointment needed. Contact by phone to discuss your position.


We review your tax returns which have been filed in the past for free, to see whether you missed out any benefits.

Profinancials expat tax service NL

A professional team specialized in international taxes

Our team helps, advices and supports business owners, SMB’s, expats, migrants & private individuals in the areas of business administration, bookkeeping, tax returns and financial advice.

We truly enjoy the personal contact we maintain with our clients and we like to offer a valuable sounding-board to them.

Our services are aimed at helping you to comply with the dutch tax regulations while making the most of the tax benefits and exemptions you may be eligible for. We help you to focus on your business, work and other activities that have anything to do with finance or taxes. 

Are you an expat looking for a expat tax expert to handle your Income tax return please visit; Income tax for expats

Curious about who we are and why we are your go-to expat tax expert? Please visit; About Profinancials international tax consultants

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Migrants & Expats in the Netherlands

When you are a migrant or expat employed in the Netherlands you may be eligible for a number of exemptions and benefits.

Just a few examples are:

  • Mortgage interest deduction
  • Non-working spouse tax refund
  • Tuition fee refunds
  • Child care allowance
  • Health care expenses

Feel free to contact us with any question you may have. We are happy to help.

Dutch 30% ruling

We can tell you exactly how the Dutch 30% ruling works and whether it can apply to you.

The regulations regarding the Dutch 30% have changed during the years. This might affect the future plans of many expats working in the Netherlands. If you have any questions regarding the Dutch 30% ruling please contact us today. Our team is ready to assist you.

Topics regarding the ruling we regularly help expats and expat employers with are:

  • How to apply for the Dutch 30% ruling
  • How to apply for a working / residency permit
  • How to apply for a social security COC / A1 declaration

Doing business in the Netherlands from outside of the Netherlands

Entrepreneurs and business owners planning to do business in the Netherlands from outside the country can use our services to deal with the Dutch tax regulations. We will assist you with all tax related matters to keep you in compliance.

Examples of services we can help you with:

  • Income tax return (Dutch: aangifte inkomstenbelasting)
  • Value added tax (VAT) (Dutch: BTW)
  • ICP declaration (Intra community transactions declaration)
  • Corporate Tax return (Dutch: aangifte vennootschapbelasting)
  • Payroll Tax return (Dutch: aangifte loonheffing)

Feel free to contact us before you expand to the Netherlands. Our team is happy to advice you on the necessary and advisable steps to take as well as handling all your tax related matters.

Contact your expat tax expert

We are looking forward to advice you on all expat tax related matters. Feel free to ask us about your international taxes, dutch tax benefits & exemptions, tax returns or questions relating international employment.

We are happy to give you the advice you were looking for.

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