Start your Dutch Tax filing support Application

Please read this important note before starting:
This questionnaire is created for clients who made use of our services in previous years and would like to make use of the digital filing process for a new tax year again. As we have most of the information available based on previous year filing, we simplified the questionnaire.

After receiving the completed questionnaire, we will send a request via our client portal to upload the applicable documents and information that is needed for the tax filing. After receiving all required information via our portal, we will start with the preparation of the tax returns and will send the tax reports via the same client portal for approval.

If you did not make use of our service in previous years or you wish to choose for a non-digital filing process, then please fill out our complete form on: Dutch tax return application

If you wish to complete this questionnaire in a different language, please make use of the translating option of your web browser.

Our process explained in 5 simple steps:

  1. Please complete our simple form below to help us review your position. It takes 12 minutes in average to complete our form!
  2. After receiving your completed form we will analyze the information and we will check whether the information provided is logic.
  3. Based on the completed form and our review, we will ask you to provide the required documents and any additional information/clarification/explanation that we may need. All happens on a secured client portal and no information is requested by e-mail for privacy reasons.
  4. We will start your tax return process after receiving the required documents and additional information.
  5. Your tax reports (in English or Dutch) will be shared for approval and after your approval we will file the tax reports with the Dutch tax authorities. No DIGI-D is needed! The tax returns are filed by making use of our special Tax Consultant ID number with the Dutch tax authorities.

Explainer video

Short video explainer for our Dutch Tax Return application process in 5 simple steps.

If you apply for our tax service before 1 May 2024, we will apply for an extension, which means the tax return does not have to be filed before 1 May.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.